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  • Dedication to Community - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA
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Competence, Stability and

A Passion for Helping People

"My dad thought so highly of David (Primes), he made him trustee of his estate — and then so did I....he has an inate sense of fairness about him, and that has helped our family tremendously."

Donald Goodman,
SPSCPA client
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Sobul, Primes and Schenkel was established in 1981...

...and built with the knowledge that people come first. We believe our primary job is to solve our client's problems. With every client, we apply our collective knowledge and experience and are committed to helping each client achieve his or her greatest potential. Because Sobul, Primes & Schenkel is an early adopter of the latest technology, our work process is the most current, streamlined, and efficient.


Sobul, Primes & Schenkel's reach extends globally through our membership in CPAmerica. We only hire the most talented professionals who share our firm's enduring optimism for the future. Everyone is compensated well and, as with our clients, we strive to ensure each realizes his or her highest goals. Our expectation is that, as we work together, we will all have a successful and enjoyable experience along the way.

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