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12 Tips to Keep Your Online Credit Card Purchases Safe

12 Tips to Keep Your Online Credit Card Purchases Safe

The internet is a jungle full of predators, and your credit is their prey. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, most cybercrimes committed in 2017 were related to internet shopping. A record 15 million people were victimized by identity fraudsters in 2016. This surge was impelled by a 40% increase in card-not-present fraud. Criminal hackers are becoming alarmingly Read More »

Forget the Playoffs, College Football’s All About New Tax Laws and Tickets

College Football is all about New Tax Laws and Tickets

In 1986, two years into Ronald Reagan’s second term, the Democrats regained a Senate majority. David Pryor, a Democratic senator from Arkansas, used his new position as chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of the Internal Revenue Service, to launch an attack on what he called the IRS’ “questionable, overreaching activities”. Among the IRS’ “overzealous, heavy-handed, and often illegal Read More »

Opportunity Funds: Do Well by Doing Good

All about Opportunity Funds by SPSCPA.com

There’s a new type of investment fund available called “Opportunity Funds” that might benefit two groups of people. Interestingly, these groups are often not well-acquainted with each other: 1) those who have large investment profits and  2) low-income communities. Let’s begin with a few facts that help show why “opportunity funds” might be an idea whose time has come: At Read More »