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When is gone not really gone at all?

SPS technology means staff are always within reach

Hands holding cell phoneHowever much we love our offices on Wilshire Boulevard, it’s important for us to go out into the real world at times to meet with clients, participate in professional conferences and fulfill speaking engagements. These out-of-office experiences are an important part of a thriving accounting firm. In the past, out of the office meant unavailable. That’s no longer the case at SPS.

With investment in the right kinds of technology, we are all able to stay connected virtually anywhere, as long there is Internet access. This can mean connectivity via Wi-Fi or wired networks, but it can also be through a cellular device, which creates limitless possibilities.

Here’s an example…

David Primes, our technology guru, was about to take the stage at a major conference to speak on, of all things, remote technology. He got a call from our offices that a client needed a document processed and David was the only authorized signature. The document was emailed to his handheld device; he then applied an e-signature and forwarded it to the next destination before marching on stage.

We can also sit in an airport and approve bills for our business management clients. We can access any document in the office system, whether someone else is viewing it or not. And when we want to have multiple people in and out of the office view a single document on screen, we can do that too.

It’s just another example of how our focus on technology helps us solve clients’ needs. Because in the end, you shouldn’t be kept waiting for one of us to come back to the office, whether we’re across town or across the ocean.

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