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Volunteer Day 2010

The day the office went dark and we went on a mission

June 18, 2010 was an important date for SPS. Our entire staff took an early lunch before we closed the offices. You may wonder if this was a wise thing for a vibrant firm like SPS to do, but it is historically a quiet time of year and we all had a very important thing to do that day.

It was the first annual Volunteer Day for SPS. The staff journeyed to the City of Vernon to work at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank (www.lafoodbank.org). It was a natural fit since one of the foodbank’s biggest supporters is the Goodman Family Foundation. The family is a long time client of SPS, and over the years they have shared with us the foodbank’s good work in the community.

The LA Regional Foodbank was founded in 1973 and operates from a 96,000 square foot facility. It provides  food  for  nearly  900   member  agency  sites  including  abused  and  abandoned  children homes, battered women shelters, senior centers, local food  pantries, soup kitchens, AIDS hospices and more. In 2009, they distributed 54 million pounds of food for the hungry in Los Angeles County.

The  SPS  team  attended  an  orientation  and  then  spent  the  day  sorting  and  cleaning  food.  The challenging physical labor made Volunteer Day a rewarding, enriching experience for all. The firm also made a donation on behalf of staff and clients to support this essential work.

We intend to turn this into an annual Volunteer Day. If you have any suggestions for charitable work we can take on in the future, please let us know. Photos of our Volunteer Day are available in the online version of this newsletter, found at www.spscpa.com.

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