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The Water Buffalo Club


Thoughts from Rick Schenkel, immediate past president

This is our nineteenth year helping local children’s charities. Our objective is simple: to help out underprivileged children in the Los Angeles area, and have fun doing it. Since our inception, we have supported over 100 charitable organizations that service children and their families, literally touching the lives of thousands of Los Angeles County residents.

Our silver bullet strategy allows us to help when needed and then move on to other groups. We achieve it by looking for one-time capital expenditures and generally avoiding funding operating budgets. Also, each member of the WBC makes an annual contribution that covers all administrative costs and expenses, so all donated funds go directly to the charities we support.

One of my favorite fundraising events is Christmas in July, where we invite 200 inner-city kids for a day of fun at Santa Monica Pier. It’s a family effort and my own family, Isabel, Heather and Adam, has participated for the last 10 years. All of our guests go home with lots of gifts and much needed school supplies.

I remember one boy, six or seven, who was a little shy and scared of the rides at the Pier. I stayed with him and even won him a stuffed animal. It was a great day, and when they were loading the kids for the ride home I couldn’t see him anywhere. Then I felt him grabbing onto my leg, smiling up at me. It’s one of my fondest memories of the last 19 years with the WBC. And even though I have completed my term as president, it won’t stop me from continuing to participate in the great work that the Water Buffalo Club does. www.waterbuffaloclub.com

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