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For Love of the Game

For most of the last 10 years, I have coached baseball at Encino Little League. With two boys currently playing, there are many weeks in the year when I am at Little League nearly every day of the week, between practices and games. Coaching allows me to be with my kids and help other kids. One of the challenges is balancing competition, fun, and teamwork just like in the real world. What I love most about Encino Little League is the sense of community. It is a small town feeling in a large city and one of the few places where kids can safely run free around the complex with their friends.

At Encino Little League, I also see clients of our firm, other business professionals, and people from the community who all share a love of baseball. It is a good way to build relationships, and over the years I have met a lot of great people there.

One of my personal baseball highlights was last summer (2007) traveling to Cooperstown, New York home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame) for one week with my son Matthew and the Encino Vipers team. At the Cooperstown Dreams Park, teams of  2-year-olds travel from all across the country to compete against nearly 100 other teams for a week on a spectacular complex of 22 fields. Our whole family, including four grandparents, went along for the trip.

With younger son Spencer just turning 10, there are still many years of baseball ahead and hopefully a lot more great personal relationships on and off the field.

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