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Harnessing the Horsepower

The SPS Business Management story plays to a horse crowd in Kentucky

As some of you may know, Valerie Chamberlain of our Business Management department is an avid equestrian…she just loves horses. Valerie joined a new organization, Women’s Horse Industry Association, and had the opportunity recently to attend a conference in Louisville, KY. Not only was she able to keep in close contact with office matters thanks to the firm’s highly secure remote access capabilities, she was also able to share SPS’s Business Management capabilities with fellow attendees.

The conference theme was “Marketing your Horse Business” and Valerie was there to meet others with similar interests. Attendees ranged from a woman who raises racehorses in her backyard and has written a book about it to someone who runs a non-profit that sends out alerts for stolen horses.

Valerie had the opportunity to stand up before the more than 100 attendees, mostly business owners, introduce herself and share the firm’s Business Management services which can be offered to clients regardless of geographic location. She had a compelling story to tell due to our technology that provides a highly controlled environment with a stringent set of procedures, allowing clients to go online to review and approve all transactions and view financial reports.

To complete the experience, Valerie also visited the local CPAAI affiliate, the global organization that allows SPS to offer clients support on the ground just about anywhere in the world. They took Valerie on a grand tour of Churchill Downs, fulfilling a lifelong dream of hers.

To learn more about the organization or SPS Business Management services, please contact Valerie: vchamberlain@spscpa.com or give her a call. You can also view new information about our business management offering at our website: spscpa.com.

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