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Reaching for the Stars

You’ve seen the ads, the billboards; you’ve heard the commercials. The Griffith Observatory has reopened and has the attention of the entire universe. But did you know that SPS contributed to the galactic effort?

Griffith Observatory is “Inspiring the future one imagination at a time” and SPS is there to help. David Primes is Treasurer of Friends of the Observatory (FOTO), which is a private organization that has raised funds as well as managed the development and construction of the renovation and programs. David and his wife Joyce are also private donors… you can see their names on a plaque at the FOTO Office at Griffith Observatory. SPS, as a firm, also offers pro bono accounting to FOTO. Specifically, we essentially function as the organization’s financial arm. SPS also contributed to the gala opening and is a Meteor Sponsor.

All of the firm’s partners were there at the opening gala to celebrate what we believe to be an important chapter in the evolution of our city. It was the hottest ticket in town, and we were among the first to experience the new “Centered in the Universe” show, so it was definitely a night to remember.

Everyone associated with SPS can feel they have had at least a little part in contributing to this important moment in the history of our city.

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