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Exercising judgment, not fingers


Elegant technology solutions with David Primes, Shareholder with an emphasis in technology

As many of you may know, David Primes has a passion for technology. He is always looking forward out of genuine fascination with innovation, but also to deliver on the Sobul, Primes & Schenkel promise of providing peace of mind to our clients.

If you ask David where his attention is at the moment, it’s protecting the integrity of client data. By digitizing, there is redundancy built into the system, as well as better options for organizing and sharing documents with people in multiple locations.

Simply put, we invest in technology so that no single piece of paper ever goes missing in transit, gets lost on someone’s desk or gets misfiled. The other added benefit is the way we can service clients better because our staff can work remotely, answering just about any question, wherever they are… as long as there is Internet access.

For David, early adoption of technology is about taking the rote part out of accounting. After all, it doesn’t take four years of college to crunch numbers on a calculator. The technology releases accountants to use their time being analytical, exercising judgment, not fingers.

To keep up on all the latest innovations, David maintains a constant dialog with our technology vendors, as well as reading technology publications, accounting professional publications and online articles. He has served, and continues to serve, on the California State technology committee of the California Society of CPAs, maintains a peer group of what he calls “tech nerds,” and attends AICPA national meetings. He also is a noted speaker to the accounting industry on issues of technology, especially on remote computing, portables, security, and automated tools.

As David often says, “The one thing we won’t do is stand still.” So stay tuned, there will be much more to come.

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