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Celebrating our Silver Anniversary


Yet Still Looking Pretty Good

As some of you might know, we just completed our twenty fifth year and are poised for big things ahead.

We started strong with a bold move by Steve Sobul to form a new firm, and have spent the last quarter century building a team with the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm needed to help our clients thrive. Because, in the end, our clients are the only reason we’re still here. We’ve known this from the very start, and also know that the greatest value we can offer is to adopt a clients’ problem and solve it as if it’s our own.

We still maintain some of our earliest clients and take great pride in having worked with more than one generation as leadership of businesses has been handed down. We also look around the office and see familiar faces. Steve Sobul still graces our halls. Rick Schenkel, David Primes, Chris Morris and Samir Rimawi have been here since the first day of the firm. Jeff Cameron and Carol Fima weren’t far behind, joining us over 20 years ago. Steve Levitt has been with the firm for more than a decade, as have Valerie Chamberlain, Bonnie Ross and Cathy Tiffany. So you can understand why we think of this place as home and our people as family. After all, what other firms do you know that have had the same leadership, the same address and the same phone number for more than two decades?

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