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A Walk on the Wild Side

Contributing to the important work of The Nature of Wildworks

Jeff Cameron, an SPS partner, and Mollie Hogan grew up next door to each other and have remained friends over the years. When she founded The Nature of Wildworks in 1995, Jeff offered to help. With Jeff’s leadership, SPS currently prepares annual financial statements and tax returns for the nonprofit organization.

The Nature of Wildworks is a celebration of all the remarkable, diverse creatures that we are privileged to share our environment with here in Southern California. Their Wildlife Care and Education Center in Topanga Canyon houses such diverse species as mountain lions, bobcats, gray fox, barn owls and many others.

They have a dual mission that drives all of their efforts. First, they provide life-long quality care for non-releasable wild animals. Second, the organization builds public respect and concern for native wildlife and the California environment through student programs that meet school curriculum mandates.

It’s a phenomenal undertaking and one that has a significant, positive impact on the future of our environment. As Jeff says, “I continually marvel at how, through her strength and determination, Mollie has successfully driven her organization from inception to what it is today. Her accomplishments are truly inspiring to me and to all the other Wildworks volunteers.”

To learn more about the good work of The Nature of Wildworks, please visit their website: www.natureofwildworks.org

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