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Taiwan: a Native’s Perspective

Questions and Answers with Carrie Chiang, SPS staff accountant and recent USC graduate

SPSCPA Los Angeles Staff Accountant Carrie ChiangWhat do you miss most about living in Taiwan?

I miss its convenience. Taiwan is a small but very densely populated island, especially in Taipei, the capital. Different kinds of public transportation are easily accessible and convenience stores are everywhere offering everything from
meals and books to daily necessities.

What is your favorite restaurant or meal in Taiwan?

My favorite meal is Taiwanese xiaochi. It is like Taiwanese style tapas. At the night market, there are a lot of food stands and small restaurants serving different meals. The portion of the dish is generally small so people can have many little dishes with a good variety of food for one meal.

What is something that you and your friends would typically do for fun in Taiwan?

My friends and I love to go to the night market. Other than Taiwanese xiaoshi, there are many shops for clothes, shoes, etc. Also, there are many stalls for games, such as catching fish with a paper net and shooting balloons with a BB gun.

What is something that most Americans would be surprised by about life in Taiwan?

Most people would be surprised about people’s friendliness in Taiwan. In general, people are warm, very friendly, and willing to help others.

What is something that a visitor to Taiwan should make sure not to miss?

The Alishan National Scenic Area and Taroko National Park are two remarkable places with many attractive sights in Taiwan. At the same time, these two places comprise a lot of Taiwanese culture and history. Also, Tainan City, the oldest city in Taiwan, is known for its food.

What is the most common misconception people have about Taiwan?

A lot of people get confused about Taiwan and Thailand. They are two different countries with different languages. Taiwan is an island in the Pacific Ocean, located south east of China, and Thailand is located in the south of China.

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