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12 Tips to Keep Your Online Credit Card Purchases Safe

12 Tips to Keep Your Online Credit Card Purchases Safe

The internet is a jungle full of predators, and your credit is their prey. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, most cybercrimes committed in 2017 were related to internet shopping. A record 15 million people were victimized by identity fraudsters in 2016. This surge was impelled by a 40% increase in card-not-present fraud. Criminal hackers are becoming alarmingly Read More »

Be an Identity Theft Crime Stopper

Stop Identity Theft - Sobul, Schenkel & Primes CPA Los Angeles

Put the freeze on your info Not too many years ago, the only people worrying about protecting their identities were Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Now it’s a concern for everyone. Unfortunately, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar industry. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Thieves are very Read More »

SPS, the Cloud and Protecting Client Data

Protecting Data in the Cloud - SPSCPA Los Angeles

In the last SPS newsletter we discussed ways that we can protect ourselves when using services such as Dropbox “in the cloud”. But how is the cloud being used by SPS? And more importantly, what’s our accounting firm doing to protect our sensitive data? “The way that we use the cloud at SPS is for access to the Client Portal,” Read More »

Cloud Computing – The Future is Here

Cloud Computing Safety - SPSCPA Los Angeles

But Is it Safe to Put Your Business in the Cloud? No doubt many are unclear as to what “cloud computing” even means. A Wakefield Research survey revealed that 20% of respondents pretended to know more about cloud computing than they actually did and 60% suspected their colleagues were also feigning knowledge. Sounds like a modern variation on the old Read More »

Our not-so-secret Portal

Secure Client Portal - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Sobul, Primes & Schenkel introduces the secure Client Portal Have you ever dreamed of being able to instantly access your individual tax return and payment vouchers as well as transferring financial files to us via a secure, web-based application? Who hasn’t, right? Then you will be excited to hear about the SPS Client Portal which was launched this year, to Read More »

Low tech mail fraud – alive and kicking!

Mail Fraud Alert Sobul Primes Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Beware of “official notices” You’ve long ago learned to trash those overdue notices for magazines you’ve never subscribed to and to ignore those Canadian lottery notifications. Be aware, however, that sophisticated fraudsters have learned the Achilles’ heel of small business owners – notices from the government demanding a relatively small payment. A father and son team was recently arrested, according Read More »

What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

STEM Career - Sobul, Primes Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

No, not you – some thoughts for your kids Graduation Cap and BooksWhatever the young people in your life are considering for their futures, they are probably not factoring in the less-than-romantic notion of which  jobs are in high demand or are high-paying. While it’s certainly not all about the money, it’s wise to consider things from all angles. After Read More »

Green is the color of many shades

Paperless Ideas - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Some ideas on removing paperwork from your life When it comes to going green, we don’t all have to be perfect to make a difference. The challenge is knowing what we can do effectively and how to implement the change. You may have seen an earlier article in SPSQ on how we’ve made some changes here at the office. Now Read More »

A Friendly Face Out in Cyberspace

SPSCPA Website Update

SPS is always looking for new ways to communicate better. Given the firm’s commitment to technology that increases productivity and the fact that David Primes is a leader in business-related technology, getting better established in cyberspace is a natural. To start with, if you haven’t yet, please take a look at our website: www.spscpa.com. You’ll see a complete facelift to Read More »

New Journeys to Peruse at spscpa.com

Management Team Page - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Okay, We’ve just expanded the Management Team page of our website to include more of the good people who look after your accounting needs. It’s your chance to put faces to names, and learn a little more about us. These profiles include: the personal journey they’ve taken; degrees, certifications and memberships; professional appointments, and a few tidbits beyond the office. Read More »