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Tax and Estate Planning

IRS Proposes New Regulations to Limit Discounts for Gifts Of Family Owned Entities

For the last few decades, one of the most popular methods for transferring assets to a next generation was the gifting or sale of partnership, LLC or closely held corporate interests, the valuation of which could take advantage of “discounts” due to “lack of marketability” and “lack of control”, and result in the transfer of assets at a significant discount for estate and Read More »

Is it Time to Make Those Gifts to Family Members?

Estate Planning, Los Angles CPA

For decades, one of the most popular and effective methods to transfer family wealth to younger generations was through Family Limited Partnerships (FLP). Parents would set up an FLP and contribute assets, such as real property, to the FLP. They would then make gifts of minority interests in the Limited Partnership to their children and grandchildren. Since a minority interest Read More »

Retirement Planning: Retirement Readiness

Retirement Planning - SPSCPA Los Angeles

At SPS, we utilize a team of outside specialists to handle the needs of our clients when required. Richard Myerson is the owner of The Myerson Agency – a boutique wealth and estate-planning agency. We’ve asked Richard to write a short piece on retirement planning. Planning for retirement means different things to different people. In the final analysis, however, it’s Read More »

Strategies! Sobul, Primes & Schenkel looks to the future

Tax Planning Advice - Sobul Primes Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Now’s the time to start planning for 2013 tax liabilities Though just a few months have passed since April 15th, it’s never too early to consider strategies for the new tax year. It’s especially important this year because of the many changes as a result of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, not to mention the tax changes resulting Read More »

Year-end tax tips to leverage old and new rates

Tax Tips - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Timing of transactions might save you some money Tax-planning is a year-round activity, of course, but the end of the year presents the opportunity to take advantage of rules and rates that will likely change. Given the impending “fiscal cliff” that you have been hearing about, year-end planning for this year is more important than ever. If Congress and the Read More »

Newsflash – Federal and California Tax Matters Update

Federal Calfornia Tax Matters - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

August 18, 2010 Dear Clients and Friends: FEDERAL AND CALIFORNIA TAX MATTERS UPDATE Significant tax legislation has been passed so far this year, and it is likely that even more changes are upcoming. We want to make sure you are aware of your opportunities and obligations with respect to some of these activities and what might be on the horizon Read More »

Newsflash – California Tax Matters

California Tax Matters - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

January 14, 2010 Dear Clients and Friends: CALIFORNIA TAX MATTERS Over the past year, California has been very active in the tax area. We want to make sure you are aware of your opportunities and obligations with respect to some of these most recent activities. The majority of these activities were spurred by the state’s fiscal budget crisis. There are Read More »

Year-End Tax Planning

Year End Tax Planning 2010 - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Being proactive eliminates surprises and optimizes results A few thoughts from Steve Levitt, shareholder with emphasis on taxation As we approach the final quarter of 2009, it is time to consider year-end tax planning strategies. While tax planning is a year-round measure, it is a good idea to summarize your tax position before year-end.  Doing so allows you to: Understand Read More »

Loan Crisis? Not if you have good credit and are a client of SPS

Loan Crisis - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

How our special relationship with City National Bank benefits you Listening to the media about the crisis in the loan industry would leave anyone thinking it is virtually impossible to get a good loan these days. Whether that’s true or not for the general public, it isn’t for those with good credit, and those who are clients of Sobul, Primes Read More »