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12 Tips to Keep Your Online Credit Card Purchases Safe

12 Tips to Keep Your Online Credit Card Purchases Safe

The internet is a jungle full of predators, and your credit is their prey. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, most cybercrimes committed in 2017 were related to internet shopping. A record 15 million people were victimized by identity fraudsters in 2016. This surge was impelled by a 40% increase in card-not-present fraud. Criminal hackers are becoming alarmingly Read More »

Fraudulent IRS “Collection Calls”

For the third newsletter in a row, we are including some old and some new information on a telephone scam which continues to be a problem, based on the increasing number of calls which we are receiving from our clients.  Previously, the calls were made by a “live” person, claiming to represent the U.S. Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service, Read More »

IRS Security Awareness Tax Tips

IRS Security Awareness Tax Tips, Los Angeles CPA

Following a number of high-profile security scares, the IRS has begun to publish tips for taxpayers to protect personal information from identity theft. One of the most helpful posts is “Seven Steps for Making Identity Protection Part of Your Routine,” published on IRS.gov. Be sure to monitor your financials closely and follow up with us if you have any questions Read More »

Fraudulent IRS Collection Calls

Fraudulent IRS Collection Calls, Los Angeles CPA

We continue to receive calls from clients concerning telephone callers identifying themselves as being from the Internal Revenue Service, and demanding checking account or credit card information to pay outstanding tax balances and penalties. The callers are very aggressive, claiming that a warrant is outstanding for the individual’s arrest, or that law enforcement will be notified if payment is not Read More »

Fraudulent IRS “Collection Calls”

IRS Fraudulent Call Alert - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA - Los Angeles

In our last newsletter, we highlighted a telephone scam where callers, claiming to represent the U.S. Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service, are calling individuals and aggressively demanding immediate payment of “taxes” that are owed. The caller will claim that a warrant is already outstanding for the individual’s arrest, or that law enforcement will be notified if payment is not Read More »

Check Fraud Protection: Individual and Business Accounts Are Not Treated The Same

Positive Pay Check Fraud Protection - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Today’s advanced technology makes it easier than ever for criminals to fraudulently replicate your checks. Individuals generally have 30 days from the receipt of their monthly bank statement to notify the bank of suspicious activity in their account. Typically, the bank offers free protection from fraudulent activity, and will happily reverse the transactions to keep their customers’ accounts secure. But Read More »

Be an Identity Theft Crime Stopper

Stop Identity Theft - Sobul, Schenkel & Primes CPA Los Angeles

Put the freeze on your info Not too many years ago, the only people worrying about protecting their identities were Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Now it’s a concern for everyone. Unfortunately, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar industry. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Thieves are very Read More »

Were You “Targeted” in the Recent Hacker Scandal?

Hacking Scandal - Sobul, Primes and Schenkel CPA Los Angles

A reminder to keep personal and client information secure Soon after word got out about the hacking scandal during the holidays, fraudsters got busy creating fake emails from the affected companies, hoping to get nervous victims to “click the link” and provide their personal information. Now is a good time to remind yourself and your associates not to be so Read More »

Low tech mail fraud – alive and kicking!

Mail Fraud Alert Sobul Primes Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Beware of “official notices” You’ve long ago learned to trash those overdue notices for magazines you’ve never subscribed to and to ignore those Canadian lottery notifications. Be aware, however, that sophisticated fraudsters have learned the Achilles’ heel of small business owners – notices from the government demanding a relatively small payment. A father and son team was recently arrested, according Read More »

Don’t let a smile be your umbrella

Personal Financial Security - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Reviewing your insurance portfolio may reveal a potential vulnerability Basic home and auto insurance protects assets and covers expenses for run-of-the-mill mishaps. Unfortunately, some tribulations lead to trials. Lawsuit horror stories, where plaintiffs proving negligence turn a car accident into a multi-million dollar judgment, should provide a cautionary tale to the rest of us. One way to project yourself is Read More »