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Cloud Computing

SPS, the Cloud and Protecting Client Data

Protecting Data in the Cloud - SPSCPA Los Angeles

In the last SPS newsletter we discussed ways that we can protect ourselves when using services such as Dropbox “in the cloud”. But how is the cloud being used by SPS? And more importantly, what’s our accounting firm doing to protect our sensitive data? “The way that we use the cloud at SPS is for access to the Client Portal,” Read More »

Cloud Computing – The Future is Here

Cloud Computing Safety - SPSCPA Los Angeles

But Is it Safe to Put Your Business in the Cloud? No doubt many are unclear as to what “cloud computing” even means. A Wakefield Research survey revealed that 20% of respondents pretended to know more about cloud computing than they actually did and 60% suspected their colleagues were also feigning knowledge. Sounds like a modern variation on the old Read More »

Green is the color of many shades

Paperless Ideas - Sobul, Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

Some ideas on removing paperwork from your life When it comes to going green, we don’t all have to be perfect to make a difference. The challenge is knowing what we can do effectively and how to implement the change. You may have seen an earlier article in SPSQ on how we’ve made some changes here at the office. Now Read More »