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Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Information about Employer Reimbursements of Individual Health Insurance Policies

Health Insurance Reimbursement Information - SPSCPA Los Angeles

For plan years beginning after 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) institutes so-called market reform provisions that place a whole host of new restrictions on group health plans. The penalty for violating the market reform restrictions is a punitive $100-per-day, per-employee penalty, or $36,500 per-employee, per-year. With a limited exception, these new market reform provisions significantly restrict an employer’s ability Read More »

Healthcare Reform and Small California Employers

California Health Care Reform - Sobul Primes & Schenkel CPA Los Angeles

If you have 50 employees or less, here’s what’s coming There’s an oft-quoted (though nonexistent) Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, welcome to “interesting times” in the form of changes to our healthcare system. Though large employers were generally elated when the US Treasury Department announced a one year delay in implementing the “play or Read More »