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Business Management

Imagine having the freedom to simply do what you do best...

No need to be distracted by the daily grind of paying bills, transferring funds or keeping track of monthly budgets. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with having a team of experts, working together, to tackle every aspect of your financial needs, whether buying a house, planning your taxes or coordinating estate planning.


And for those with businesses, we also offer the ability to outsource the accounting. Whether writing your checks, doing payroll, reconciling bank accounts, keeping the books and records, or acting as an outside CFO, SPS can eliminate the need for bookkeepers, clerks and controllers, while providing a structured environment with stringent internal controls.


Here is just a sampling of how we adopt your needs and resolve them:

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We want to hear your visions, and we'll show you how our team can help.

  • We can become your business address
  • Take responsibility for all bill review and payment
  • Deposit and transfer funds, as well as monitor that funds have been received
  • Coordinate estate planning
  • Assist with acquisition of real estate, autos and other assets
  • Coordinate payroll services
  • Provide tax planning
  • Prepare all necessary tax returns, quarterly payments, business filings and other reports
  • Present you with complete reporting, customized to your specific needs
  • Calendar items for follow-up ensuring that important ongoing or occasional tasks are taken care of in a timely manner
  • Provide a highly controlled environment with a stringent set of procedures and latest technological tools
  • Offer paperless technologies that save time, money and landfills…holding electronic images of essential documents
  • Provide remote access for clients through advanced technologies that allow you to be connected to your electronic documents as long as you have Internet access
  • Have long-standing relationships with an extended team of professional specialists, including attorneys, agents, managers, investment advisors, pension advisors, and insurance experts regarding life, disability, health, as well as property and casualty
  • Act as a CFO for those wanting help with virtually any financial issue, resolving these issues either internally or through our extensive team of outside experts



You have the freedom to choose how much involvement you want from us

Simply call (310) 826-2060 and ask for Rick Schenkel, Managing Shareholder or Steve Levitt, Shareholder to make an appointment.


You'll have a chance to share your vision. We'll show you how our team can help.