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Be an Identity Theft Crime Stopper

Stop Identity Theft - Sobul, Schenkel & Primes CPA Los Angeles

Put the freeze on your info Not too many years ago, the only people worrying about protecting their identities were Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Now it’s a concern for everyone. Unfortunately, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar industry. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Thieves are very Read More »

SPS, the Cloud and Protecting Client Data

Protecting Data in the Cloud - SPSCPA Los Angeles

In the last SPS newsletter we discussed ways that we can protect ourselves when using services such as Dropbox “in the cloud”. But how is the cloud being used by SPS? And more importantly, what’s our accounting firm doing to protect our sensitive data? “The way that we use the cloud at SPS is for access to the Client Portal,” Read More »

Information about Employer Reimbursements of Individual Health Insurance Policies

Health Insurance Reimbursement Information - SPSCPA Los Angeles

For plan years beginning after 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) institutes so-called market reform provisions that place a whole host of new restrictions on group health plans. The penalty for violating the market reform restrictions is a punitive $100-per-day, per-employee penalty, or $36,500 per-employee, per-year. With a limited exception, these new market reform provisions significantly restrict an employer’s ability Read More »

IRS Telephone Scam

IRS Phone Scam Information - SPSCPA Los Angeles

There seems to be a new scam or website that has been hacked discussed in the news on a daily basis, but here is one that you should not ignore. There appears to be a rash of fraudulent calls made, with the callers identifying themselves as representing the U.S. Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service. The Treasury Inspector General for Read More »

Cloud Computing – The Future is Here

Cloud Computing Safety - SPSCPA Los Angeles

But Is it Safe to Put Your Business in the Cloud? No doubt many are unclear as to what “cloud computing” even means. A Wakefield Research survey revealed that 20% of respondents pretended to know more about cloud computing than they actually did and 60% suspected their colleagues were also feigning knowledge. Sounds like a modern variation on the old Read More »

Water Buffalo Club Lifts Inner City Kids’ Hearts

Water Buffalo Club Helps Inner City Kids - SPSCPA Los Angeles

After 24 years working as a dedicated volunteer, SPS Shareholder Rick Schenkel recently served as MC for a gala celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Water Buffalo Club (WBC). The 75-member WBC provides time and financial support to smaller children’s charities, as well as hosting events that foster a sense of well-being for under served children throughout the Los Angeles Read More »

Taiwan: a Native’s Perspective

Carrie Chiang USC Accountant - SPSCPA Los Angeles

Questions and Answers with Carrie Chiang, SPS staff accountant and recent USC graduate What do you miss most about living in Taiwan? I miss its convenience. Taiwan is a small but very densely populated island, especially in Taipei, the capital. Different kinds of public transportation are easily accessible and convenience stores are everywhere offering everything from meals and books to Read More »

Retirement Planning: Retirement Readiness

Retirement Planning - SPSCPA Los Angeles

At SPS, we utilize a team of outside specialists to handle the needs of our clients when required. Richard Myerson is the owner of The Myerson Agency – a boutique wealth and estate-planning agency. We’ve asked Richard to write a short piece on retirement planning. Planning for retirement means different things to different people. In the final analysis, however, it’s Read More »