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Allan Reyes Catalasan


Allan Reyes Catalasan is somewhat of a pioneer in his line of work. Since January 2016, Allan has served as the manager of SPS’s business management department. The position is a unique position that doesn’t exist in most accounting firms, “I’m finding my own trail, and getting a first-hand education.”

Allan’s role as trailblazer fits him like a glove. A natural talent with people and numbers, he began his career right out of high school with a “very, very entry level” assistant bookkeeper position. “I was very curious as to how things work, and that drive is still in me. I’ve had great people show me the way and my interest just drove me further in the industry.”

Allan currently manages client accounts of his own and also serves as a “second set of eyes” as the liaison between SPS partners and the account managers. With over fourteen years of banking and bookkeeping experience, Allan has the expertise and insight to spot opportunities for better service and greater efficiency. “And vice versa,” he says. “The front lines can provide feedback to me. Each client is different. Something that works for one client might not work for another.”

As SPS’s business management manager, Allan’s greatest challenge is learning how to maximize his team’s efforts. Motivating and communicating with others is an “art,” he says.

Born in the Philippines, Allan immigrated stateside at age 11 and grew up in the South Bay and currently lives an active life in Santa Monica. While basketball is his number one love, he also enjoys yoga, weightlifting, hiking, snowboarding, and camping with friends. An explorer at heart, Allan never visits the same campsite twice, preferring to experience all that California has to offer.